Graf Lucien Lelarge

Periode: WOII
Periode: Na WOII tot 1958
Periode: Na 1958
Type: Begraafplaats
Militair of Burger: Burger
Militair of Burger: Militair
Status: Niet beschermd
Datum registratie: 
Datum gebeurtenis: 
Datum inhuldiging: 
  • © Marcel Rosvelds, 17/06/2018© Marcel Rosvelds, 17/06/2018© Marcel Rosvelds, 17/06/2018
Begraafplaats Ninde, Leuvensebaan 36 in Tremelo
Info Marcel Rosvelds (17 juni 2018):
Op het kerkhof van Ninde, deelgemeente van Tremelo en geboortedorp van Pater Damiaan, vond ik het graf van Lucien Lelarge.  Het viel op doordat er op de zerk een plaquette stond met melding ‘Spitfire Pilots Club’.
We verwijzen voor meer informatie (van André Bar) naar waar ook een foto van Lelarge staat, samen met deze biografie:
Born on 6 October 1912 at Verviers, Engaged the Aéronautique Miltaire on 07 May 1934. Posted with 2/I/2Aé at Schaffen when War broke out, he passes with his unit into France (22 May 40). Send home on 21 August 1940, he became unemployed in occupied Belgium. On 20 October 1940 he leaves Belgium with Paul Siroux for France trying to reach G.B. via Spain and Portugal. Arrested at Lassne (01 May 40) he and Siroux were both emprissoned at Barcelona (02 May 41), they evaded from train during transfer to Miranda ( 21 July 1941). Arrested again at Burgos (01 Aug 41) both were send to Miranda Camp (15 Sep 41). Liberated on 09 January 1942, he and Siroux were transferred to Gibraltar. Arrival in G.B. on 11 March 1942 saw them transferred to Patriotic School. He enroled into Belgian Forces in G.B.on 03 April 1942 and was send to the Depot AéM (16 Apr 42). Training started with RAF N°2 Receiving Center (21 May 1942) followed by 5 PAFUS (07 Aug 42) and ending with 58 OTU (20 Oct 42). He was posted to 350 Sqn, where he arrived on 12 January 1943. Send to 84 GSU on 21 July 1944, he joined 349 Sqn as flight commander. Rested on 26 January 1945, he joined as instructor .the Belgian Training School. further postings saw him joining CTU - Woodlands (17 Mar 45) and 12 Ferry Unit when War ended. He left the RAF on 07 October 1946 and joined SABENA. Lucien Lelarge died on 15 June 1995