Graf Lt Harold McConnell en andere vliegeniers, graven van onbekende vliegeniers

Periode: WOI
Type: Begraafplaats
Militair of Burger: Militair
Status: Beschermd
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Larch Wood (Railway Cutting) Cemetery

McCONNELL, Lt Harold Jeffrey McConnell, 98th Sqn RAF, en 5th Bn Royal Irish Rifles, op 31 mei 1918 gesneuveld, hij was 24 jaar.
Zijn DH4 werd door luchtafweer neergehaald boven Brugge.

Rudy Van Kerckhoven gaf ons door dat hier nog heel wat andere vliegeniers begraven liggen:
H.T. Batson (The Queens attached to RAF), R. Cornford (The Sussex regiment Attached to RFC), R.Dutton (RFC), R.W. Gibbs (RFC), A.Hollings (RAF), B.L. Lindley (RAF), A.J. Loton (RAF), S.E. Raper (Staforth Highlander attached to RFC), J.C. Sorley (RAF), B.Starfield (RFC), R.P. Turner (RFC), J.P.West (RAF) en J.E. Harrison (RAF).

Info volgens CWGC:

BATSON, Second Lieutenant, HENRY THOMAS, 48th Sqdn., Royal Flying Corps. and 10th Bn., The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), Killed whilst flying 11 September 1917. Age 28. Son of Thomas and Ellen Batson, of Croydon. Grave Ref. I. B. 11.

BLACK, Flight Lieutenant, NORMAN, 9th Sqdn., Royal Naval Air Service. 12 October 1917. Age 19. Son of William Henry and Agnes Elizabeth Black, of 101, London Rd., Reading. Grave Ref. I. B. 17.

CORNFORD, Lieutenant, ROSS, Royal Flying Corps. and 7th Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment 17 August 1917. Age 20. Son of Edith Ann Cornford, of Wayside, Burcot, Bromsgrove, and the late Thomas Day Cornford. Native of Faversham, Kent. Grave Ref. I. A. 14.

DAVIDSON, Serjeant, C H, 317574, 5th Cadet Wing, Royal Flying Corps. 19 October 1917. Grave Ref. I. A. 21.

DUTTON, Second Lieutenant, R, Royal Flying Corps. and, General List 19 August 1917. Grave Ref. I. B. 20.

FORBES, Second Lieutenant, G W, 24th Sqdn., Royal Flying Corps. Killed in action 18 October 1917. Age 23. Son of John and Dora Francis Forbes, of Craigievar, Burghersdorp, Cape Province, South Africa. Grave Ref. I. A. 20.

GIBBES, Second Lieutenant, FREDERICK WILLIAM, 54th Sqdn., Royal Flying Corps. and , General List 13 October 1917. Grave Ref. I. B. 12.

HARRISON, Second Lieutenant, J E, 210th Sqdn., Royal Air Force. 18 September 1918. Grave Ref. IV. F. 26.

HARRISON, Major, JAMES INGLEBY, 214th Sqdn., Royal Air Force. formerly (Lt. Cmdr.), Royal Navy 16 May 1918. Age 36. Son of the Rev. John James Harrison (Chaplain and Naval Instructor R.N.) and Louisa Edith Darwall Harrison, of Barn Park, Boscastle, Cornwall. Entered R.N. 1895. Grave Ref. IV. F. 22.

HOLLINGS, Second Lieutenant, HUBERT, 202nd Sqdn., Royal Air Force. 28 September 1918. Age 19. Son of Tom and Jane Hollings, of 16, Middleton Lane, Rothwell Haigh, Leeds. Grave Ref. IV. F. 28.

HUTCHINSON, Lieutenant, AMBROSE, Royal Flying Corps. and 6th Bn., The King's (Liverpool Regiment), Killed in air combat 19 January 1918. Age 33. Son of John H. Hutchinson, of Highfield North, Rock Ferry, Cheshire. Grave Ref. IV. A. 7.

KENDALL, Flight Sub-Lieutenant, EDWARD HEXT, Royal Naval Air Service. Killed whilst flying 12 July 1917. Age 22. Son of Capt. and Mrs. E. C. Kendall, of Braeside, Ipplepen, Devon. Formerly (Tpr.) King Edward's Horse, Gazetted to 3rd Bn. Duke of Cornwall's Light Inf. Grave Ref. I. B. 10.

KING, Lieutenant, WILFRID JOHN, 214th Sqdn., Royal Air Force. 16 May 1918. Age 20. Son of Thomas Olpin King and Mary King, of 55, Manor Park, Lee, London. Grave Ref. IV. F. 20.

LINDLEY, Lieutenant, BRYANT LUTELLUS, M C, 25th Sqdn., Royal Air Force. Killed whilst flying 29 June 1918. Age 19. Son of J. Bryant Lindley and Mary Eveline Lindley, of Barkly House, Claremont, Cape Province, South Africa. Grave Ref. IV. F. 23.

LOTON, Private 2nd Class, A J, 209060, 88th Sqdn., Royal Air Force. 29 June 1918. Grave Ref. IV. A. 1.

McCONNELL, Lieutenant, HAROLD JEFFREY, 98th Sqdn., Royal Air Force. and 5th Bn., Royal Irish Rifles 31 May 1918. Age 24. Son of the late William and Mary McConnell, of Spokane, Washington, U.S.A., and Co. Down, Ireland. Grave Ref. I. B. I5.

RAPER, Second Lieutenant, SYDNEY ERNEST, Royal Flying Corps. and 6th Bn., Seaforth Highlanders, Killed whilst flying 17 August 1917. Age 21. Son of Albert Edward and Lily Elizabeth Raper, of 23, Hill St., Peckham, London. Grave Ref. I. A. 15.

RINGROSE, Lieutenant, RONALD, 202nd Sqdn., Royal Air Force. 28 September 1918. Age 20. Son of Jesse and Martha Harriet Ringrose, of "Brooklands," Osbaldwick, York. Grave Ref. V. F. 27.

RUSHTON, Captain, CECIL GEORGE, 214th Sqdn., Royal Air Force. Killed whilst bombing Bruges Docks 16 May 1918. Age 35. Son of George Alfred and Florence Rushton. Grave Ref. IV. F. 21.

SORLEY, Lieutenant, JAMES CAMPBELL, 213th Sqdn., Royal Air Force. 25 September 1918. Age 25. Son of James and Margaret McLauchlan Sorley, of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Native of Carleton Co. Grave Ref. I. B. 18.

STARFIELD, Second Lieutenant, B, Royal Flying Corps. 19 January 1918. Son of Mr. D. Starfield, of 146, Market St., Johannesburg, South Africa. Grave Ref. IV. A. 6.

TURNER, Second Lieutenant, RALPH POOL, 1st Sqdn., Royal Flying Corps. 9 March 1916. Age 23. Son of Harry and Elizabeth Turner, of Langley, Bucks. Grave Ref. IV. B. 12.

WEST, Lieutenant, JOHN PROUT, 88th Sqdn., Royal Air Force. 28 June 1918. Age 24. Son of Charles H. and Mary Prout West, of 21, Cottage St., Rutland, Vermont, U.S.A. Grave Ref. IV. A. 2.