Graf Kapt Vl Jean-Louis de Norman et d'Audenhove

Periode: Na WOII tot 1958
Type: Begraafplaats
Militair of Burger: Militair
Status: Niet beschermd
Datum registratie: 
Datum gebeurtenis: 
  • © Georges Lecompte, 10/04/2010
Begraafplaats Schaarbeek te Evere, Everestraat

Kapitein Vlieger Jean Louis de Norman et d'Audenhove, navigator van Charles Roman, overleden op 25 november 1954 te La Houssière (met A.W.Meteor NF 11 EN 9 / KT-Z).

Michel de Norman et d'Audenhove (info 26 June 2017):
This grave at the Schaerbeek cemetery in Evere of Jean Louis de Norman et d ’Audenhove is the grave of my father, killed on 25 November 1954 with Lt Col Ch. Roman DFC DSO and CO of Beauvechain air base.
My father joined the RAF in 1942 as AG on B25 Mitchell, 320 Squadron during WW2, and accomplished approximately 60 war missions over occupied Europe. In 1946 he joined the BAF as P/O and he was navigator at the 11 Squadron as night fighter (NF) specialist.